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What is an escape room?

An escape room is a real-life team-based puzzle game, where you are in an indoor space and have to solve puzzles and complete tasks together to get out. There is also usually a narrative and story that drives the game forward, that you and your team will be a big part of.

How long do games take?

The majority of our rooms are 60 minute games, with the exception of Prison of the Dark Wizard which is a 90 minute game. Your chances of escaping within the time limit are difficult to pin down exactly, but across the board, the rate of escape is roughly equal to a coinflip.

Who is an escape room for?

Escape rooms are incredibly versatile and suitable for any type of occasion: an experience with friends, family reunions, dates, team-building events, and birthday parties for all ages.

What time should we arrive?

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled start time so we have time for our health and safety briefing before your game. Please note that teams who arrive more than 15 minutes after their starting time may have their game time cut short.

How can I modify or cancel my reservation?

As escape games are live events, refunds and cancellations are not permitted once a booking is confirmed. Subject to availability, games can be rescheduled provided we are given a few days notice, however for any problems with your booking, just give us a call and we will always try to accommodate you.

Is their a minimum age restriction?

7 years old is our suggested minimum age for any player, however accommodations can be made. For groups comprising of players 13 years or younger, they MUST be accompanied by an adult, 18 years or older.

What is the maximum number of players who can play at once?

The capacity of our rooms can be seen on our website, and some rooms are larger than others. In general, between 2-6 players is usually an ideal size in most escape rooms. If you have a larger group up to 20 players, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we can advise you more thoroughly on how best to distribute your players across our rooms.