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Escape rooms Glasgow

Prison Of Dark Wizards

-Team Work, Magic Wand, 3 Rooms + 1 Corridor

The Prison of the Dark Wizard – the creepiest, darkest prison in the entire wizarding world. The prisoners trapped inside will experience unspeakable curses and indescribable pain. You must escape and stop the summoning of the Demon from the prison, before it is too late. Summer Discount Coupons Code: DARKWIZARD15%OFF Rate 12+ Please Read Before […]

Dark Prison

Haunted Hospital

-Team Work,Guts,Adventurous,Agreement needs to be signed before the game, 2 Rooms,Sound Effect,

There is an old abandoned mental Horror hospital. 30 years ago, Dr. Tony was murdered whilst working there. Shortly after the tragic death of Dr. Tony the hospital mysteriously caught fire… There were no survivors in the hospital. It is up to you and your teammates to solve this mystery…and Escape from the haunted hospital. […]

Haunted hospital escape room in Glasgow

Magic Forest

- Team Work, Reaction, Hand movement, Focus and of course Bravery! 4 Rooms

Welcome to the Magic Forest – Glasgow escape room! Animals talk, card soldiers are patrolling and amazing magic balls can predict the future. The world has slowly been taken over by an evil queen. You are chosen by fate to come here. Your escape room adventure begins in Magic Forest!   Please Read Before You […]

Magic forest - Escape room in Glasgow


- Team Work,Logical Thinking,Flexible Movement, 4 Room

Escape room Agent-X located in Glasgow. The Ocean Heart Diamond, which should have been exhibited in the museum, has been stolen. According to Intelligence Bureau, the Ocean Heart Diamond was placed in the vault of the Mafia XCAPE company. Your mission is to secretly sneak in,and get the Ocean Heart Diamond back using the clues […]

Agent-X - Escape room in Glasgow

We are taking COVID-19 very seriously!

You won’t have to worry about having fun safely at our place. Blew are all the new policies and procedures that we have implemented.

-All of our staff will be wearing masks and gloves.

-We have increased our cleanliness with wiping and spraying all touched surfaces with disinfectant in each room

-We have installed a hand sanitize on entrance to the building.

-All of our staff must verify with the management of their physical conditions before working.

-We have placed footprint mark down on the ground to make it clear for keeping social distance.

What we will ask of you on your arrival:

-We ask that please sanitize your hands before the game.

-Don’t be too early than 30 mins before your game.

-We are happy for you to bring your own face mask and gloves if you wish.

-If any of your team members have symptoms of COVID-19 and have already booked into our escape room, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone: 07450 288 781 or send an email and we will amend the booking details to reschedule your game.