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Imagine yourself in a real-life adventure game filled with mysterious puzzles and brain-teasing clues! This is X-Escape Room.

Before your game, we’ll review the rules and answer any questions. Then, your countdown to escape begins. Although these games can be challenging, don’t worry – you’ll have fun whether you escape or not! At the end of your game we’ll recap your accomplishments and explain how to solve the remaining puzzles inside the room.

About the game

Escape rooms are a real-life team-based puzzle games that take you through various immersive narratives. Each room has its own unique story that will be unravelled as you make your way through the room. Whilst in the room you must combine logical thinking, teamwork, communication and sometimes even flexible movement. You must pay close attention to everything you see in the rooms if you hope to escape.

What’s in it for me?

In Xcape-Room, Our rooms are made to create unique experiences with whoever you are with, whether its family, friends or colleagues. Your teamwork and communication skills will be increase and you will strengthen the bonds with your teammates. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself or even to just have a fun and exciting experience.

Why us?

At Xcape Room Glasgow we aspire to deliver a unique experience tailored to each group. Our rooms are designed using a mixture of technology and immersive narratives. Our focus is for the players to immerse themselves within various compelling story lines and to take their time enjoying fully the experience.


We are taking COVID-19 very seriously!

You won’t have to worry about having fun safely at our place. Blew are all the new policies and procedures that we have implemented.

-All of our staff will be wearing masks and gloves.

-We have increased our cleanliness with wiping and spraying all touched surfaces with disinfectant in each room

-We have installed a hand sanitize on entrance to the building.

-All of our staff must verify with the management of their physical conditions before working.

-We have placed footprint mark down on the ground to make it clear for keeping social distance.

What we will ask of you on your arrival:

-We ask that please sanitize your hands before the game.

-Don’t be too early than 30 mins before your game.

-We are happy for you to bring your own face mask and gloves if you wish.

-If any of your team members have symptoms of COVID-19 and have already booked into our escape room, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone: 07450 288 781 or send an email and we will amend the booking details to reschedule your game.